Creative Everyday is a collection of true stories from people who live and work in the creative industries.

SIGNS FROM OTHER WORLDS is a collection of hopes, fears and weird ideas.

Witch Knots is a graphic novel about the endless cycle of good and evil. There is also a cat.

The Day and Night Drawing Book is filled with art activities for rainy day fun. Download the PDF for free or buy the book here.

The Longshoreman & the Snake as an animated fable narrated by cartoonist Jess Fink.

weird mirror.png

Draw Diary is my weekly series on illustration techniques mixed with passing thoughts. This latest episode is inspired by William Blake's poem, The Tyger.

My class on creating Diary Comics is free on Skillshare! Check it out: it's a 10-minute lesson on making stories out of otherwise lost moments.

MARCH 3 is an eighty foot long, scrolling music video for the album 'March 3' by the band, The Few Moments.

The Aquarium Drift is a novella about a sailor's adventure to the edge of the world. Download the e-book and audio book for free.

The Greys is a collection of looping moments from my ordinary days.

My Paradise Diary is about the time I went to Costa Rica with a bunch of friends and a set of thirty-six Pentel Color Pens.

Witch Knots is a font I made based on my hand-lettered book of the same name. A tasteful alternative to Comic Sans. Download it here.

Comics Club! is a tumblr of cartoons drawn by kids at my comic workshops.