These are things made with words and pictures.

Signs from Other Worlds is a collection of drawings that show the hopes, fears, and weird ideas found in genre fiction. From cosmic horror to cyberpunk, this ongoing project is about exploring hundreds of years of imaginative storytelling culture.

I call this an Illustrative Score. It's an eighty foot long scrolling illustration that compliments the lyrical and musical motifs found on the album 'March 3' by the band, The Few Moments. Sit back, it's forty five minutes long.

The Day and Night Drawing Book is a collection of creative activities for some rainy day fun. It was inspired by the young artists I meet in my workshops. You can download the PDF for free or buy the book here.

This is My Paradise Diary. I went on vacation to Costa Rica with a bunch of friends and I brought a set of thirty-six Pentel Color Pens and a homemade sketch book to document my experience.


Witch Knots is a serialized comic strip I worked on from 2010 to 2012. I love comics. It is my favorite art form and favorite subject to host a workshop on, even if I don't use it for my own storytelling too much these days.

The Longshoreman & the Snake as an animated fable I wrote and illustrated.  It's narrated by Jess Fink who is a great cartoonist and happens to have a really nice voice. Fun Fact: This project gave me the idea to write a book called The Aquarium Drift.

Sometimes I get asked to speak in front of people about my experience with art. This is a short essay inspired by one of my talks about looking for the inspiration to make things.

The PBS series 'A House for Arts' did an interview with me about telling stories. Thanks to the great editors who took my ramblings and made them sound interesting .


I keep a tumblr of cartoons made by kids that have taken my cartooning workshops. Each drawing is equal parts funny and inspirational. This is why I love teaching.

Below are some of my drawings.

raccons_snakes 2.jpg