Signs from Other Worlds is a collection of drawings that explore the weird ideas of science fiction, fantasy and other weird mysteries of the universe.

The Aquarium Drift is a book I wrote and illustrated about a sailor's adventure to the edge of the world. Download the e-book and audio book for free here.

Witch Knots is a webcomic I made from 2010 to 2012..  It's about the endless cycle of good and evil. There is also a cat. Read it all here.

The Day and Night Drawing Book is a collection of art activities made for some rainy day fun. It was inspired by the young artists I meet in my workshops. Download the PDF for free or buy the book here.

The Longshoreman & the Snake as an animated fable I wrote and illustrated.  It's narrated by Jess Fink who is a great cartoonist and happens to have a really nice voice. Fun Fact: This project gave me the idea to write a book called The Aquarium Drift.

weird mirror.png

I call this an Illustrative Score. It's an eighty foot long scrolling illustration that compliments the lyrical and musical motifs found on the album 'March 3' by the band, The Few Moments. Sit back, it's forty five minutes long.

Creative Everyday is my ongoing comic series about the triumphs and troubles of pursuing a creative life. Each comic is based on a true story shared by a creative professional. Have a story to tell? Share it here!

This is My Paradise Diary. I went on vacation to Costa Rica with a bunch of friends and I brought a set of thirty-six Pentel Color Pens and a homemade sketch book to document my experience. Read it here.

Witch Knots is a font I made based on my hand-lettered comic of the same name. A tasteful alternative to Comic Sans. Download it here.

Comics Club! is a tumblr of cartoons drawn by kids at my comic workshops.