Draw Diary is my ongoing series of illustrations inspired by artists, scientists, poets, writers, and other observers of our ever changing world. *Subscribe on YouTube. Here are the latest episodes:

In his most famous poem William Blake wondered what benevolent hand forged such a devilish creature as the tiger. Despite his own fear, the poet was drawn to its 'fearful symmetry' and evoked beauty from the ember of evil.

MC Escher's drawings exists at the crossroads of math, science, and art. His compositions explore a world of riddles (how did a ceiling become a wall? how did a wall become a floor?) and visit places untethered from language, time, and memory. Most would expect to find an undefined world to be chaotic. He discovered a place of harmony that defies our interpretation.

In the 1960s, the Witness for Nature, writer Rachel Carson, stopped writing love letters to the ocean and turned her words on the wholly unnatural tool of human arrogance; chemical pesticide. She wrote of the damage we were doing to the world, and in turn, ourselves.

Transcript: Anna Akhmatova was a poet during the Russian Revolution. In a time when many of her contemporaries fled, were jailed or executed, Anna did not seek refuge. Instead, she stayed to experience the repression and terror of a truly dark time in her country's history. She wrote poems through it all.